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24th of December 2013

It’s Christmas day. Everyone being crazy busy for shopping and running from shop to shop buying gifts. I was lost in the crowd thinking of a white Christmas.  …..my image got suddenly like a black screen and something else came up. Some words, very blurry and I couldn’t understand,  but the closer it seemed to get I was starting to have a clear view,  it was “Let Me Go”. Hmm what was that supposed to mean??? Let Me Go, ohhhh yea things got darker. It was my ex – girlfriend’s words. I remembered,  last year she said so. 
Now it makes sense, I was expecting to receive a mail with some wishes, bit I didn’t. And then I got sad, a feel of disappointment took over, disappointed of everyone and everything including me. Why am I thinking of her when shed doesn’t care of me at all?….

-Scuze me, hello…. scuze me, it’s 71,84£.
-Ohhhh sorry, yea thank you.
-Merry Christmas!
-Yeah…..Merry ……


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