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No nukes, Radioactivity is not the AIR for you and me

In the left photo we can see an elderly woman who is holding the board, with a picture in the middle, with the remaining power plant from Fukushima and some of the workers. Far left is draw a parent holding the hand of his child and the right side of the board, two hands protecting two kids, from all this red spots that cover all the page, which represents the radioactivity. It is a powerful message that this board is sending to the public.

Shortly after I arrived in Tokyo from Narita airport, coming out of the underground, surprisingly I came across to this march against power plants. As you can see in the following photos, families, from the youngest to the oldest, all together, without a place or a home to go, they are marching on the streets of Tokyo seeking the help and justice. They are trying to protect their future and their children’s future by cancelling the power plants from Japan.

Apparently in Tokyo is a weekly march against the nuclear power plants. This was my second visit in Japan and I was shocked to see all these people on the streets. My first visit in Japan it happened to be on March the 9th. After my second day in Tokyo it happened to take part to one of the biggest catastrophe in the world. This was the strongest earthquake in Japan’s history.

My lovely friend.

As everyone already knows, the earthquake that struck Japan and shortly after, the tsunami that devastated a whole city and destroyed thousands of houses and ruined the houses of hundreds of thousands of people. It was my first time to visit Japan and first earthquake in my life. I was breathless and couldn’t move, holding a light pylon being the only foreigner that panicked. After going through this unforgettable experience and visiting amazing places around Japan, I decided to return at the end of last year.

My first day in Tokyo, I came across to this march against power plants. For me it was like continuing the episode from March, after I left Japan mourning its victims, I saw the pain that remain in the hearts of hundreds of thousands of people who are trying to save their life’s and their children’s life. It’s very painful to see all those people with their hope that is still in their souls, who are trying to avoid another apocalyptic catastrophe which can damage their future.

All together for Japan.

I visited Japan just two times but I fall in love with its magical places and amazing people. I have never thought that can exist such kindness and politeness under the sun. I’m pleased to meet a Japanese person any time and I’m trying to make as many Japanese friends I can. I feel in one way their pain and it made me suffer when I saw all this kids that were taking part to the march. I hope and I’m sure that the government will make the right choice and what’s the best for their citizens.

I have discovered my strong will to go and at one point, move to japan. It became one of my goals, to move, live and work in japan. I have seen so many adverts that encouraged people to go and work in Japan, but it is very difficult to go and find a job or even work as internship. I was surfing the internet and Twitter and Facebook and unfortunately no results. Well my hope it won’t die so fast. I’m dreaming of a miracle, that someone, somewhere, sometime, will post on the internet an internship or a summer job, where I will be able to apply and go to Japan to improve my Japanese, get some experience and finally building my CV.  Until then, all I have left, are my dreams that might come true at one point.

Hundreads of people marching against power plants.


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