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London seen as a tourist

The view from where I live.

Just before I left my home.

Trafalgar Square

National Galery with two beautiful fountains and the countdown until the Olimpics.

Piccadilly Circus

Probably the most famous horses. Millions of people are taking photos with these horses.

Wellington Arch

In Green Park.


A couple of nights ago, I decided to “visit” London from a tourist perspective. I found it really interesting. I actually missed that. I was in places where I’ve been 2 years ago and I still discovered new things. I’m working on Piccadilly street for more than 2 years now and I never walked on Piccadilly and enjoying the view like a tourist. Well, obviously, I did walked before but with different intensions, but now, I did enjoyed the view and I also admired the buildings around. I noticed that I walked around 3 or 4 hours and I didn’t get tired. I was trying to find places and buildings to photograph. I took my camera, a Nikon D40 which I bought 4 years ago, with me and I took snapshots of everything I found interesting and I liked. I had company for an hour and a half. They were two Korean girls who I meet them in the restaurant and we meet for a coffee. It was really interesting talking with someone I didn’t know and with a different culture. I also discovered that I’m talking a lot, I mean really a lot.  They are interesting people, I might visit Korea sometimes, but now I’ll return to London. I took a long walk from Piccadilly circus through St James park all the way to Buckingham Palace and crossing Green Park and I turn back to Piccadilly Circus on the Piccadilly street. My journey started from Charring Cross and it ended in Charring Cross. Trafalgar Square it’s amazing and this is the way I get to work every week but I never enjoyed it so much as now. I’m planning to have another trips like this in different places from London because it’s a lot of fun and I do enjoy it. Living and working in London it’s not a lot of fun, unless you are going out a lot, which is not my case. Living in here, I would say it’s quite boring. After work or after courses, you don’t have enough time and energy for a day of visiting. I have to admit that I had fun when I was visiting museums and galleries for university. I did discovered another part of me which really enjoyed doing that. I never thought of me as a person who would enjoy that much going and admiring pictures and sculptures, but I do. It also helped me a lot to open my views about art and I tried to redraw one of the painting by Martin ??????. After I spent 3 days drawing I decided to finalize it because I could draw for at least a week on it. Btw, to draw the painting it took him 2 years to finish it.


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