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Getting started

getting started



“Ah, what a waste of time for me, I would never need to play this game”, this was my first reaction when I heard that it is part of project for Uni. After I installed the game and I went a little bit through it came out like an interesting game, especially for someone who always dreamed to work for himself, no boss, no stress, just ME and a few employers. So back to the game, after I listen and I went through the tutorial on the begging, I was fascinated how it brings to you and makes you aware of things you never thought before. It has a very important features in a business. It makes you to go through all aspects from a business and I do recommend this game for everyone who is planning to start a business, even for those who are already working in some departments, I think there are still interesting things that they can learn. The truth is that is taking a bit of time.

As you can see form this screenshots, the game it’s very complex and is trying to give you a bit of understanding about everything you need to know running a business. The demo version of the game is running just 6 months and it can take up to one day to run all this virtual months, this, obviously, in case you want to have a profit and you are into the game.

run month

In my the end month, which is the 6th month on the demo version, it wasn’t really my best month. I focused more on the research area and I ignored other departments, which had a huge impact on my result.

end month

So far, this game it did change my mind, and when I will start to run my own business I will definitely buy it before and try to play it that much until I will be able to make profit and also understand everything what running a business means.  I wish you to have fun and enjoy the game. If you want a free demo you can download it @ SimVenture.

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