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Being Romanian, blessing or curse!?

As most of the people who will read this post will be my friends, they already know that my name is Octavian Radu Chis, but I will make a small intro for those who will read and they don’t know me.

I’m 25 years old and I’m living in London for the last 3 years now. I’m originally from Romania and currently I’m studying 3D Graphic Design and Animation at University of Greenwich in London.

Probably most of the people who will find this post using a web browser, 100% sure, they are trying to find some information about, yellow card, pink card, blue card, accession worker card for Bulgarian and Romanian, Immigration rules for Romanian and Bulgarian national, etc. Most of the European countries that are in EEA  (Europeans Economic Area), they don’t know what WE, Romanians and Bulgarians have to go through to be able to work. In a few word, A BIG B.S. AND HEADACHE.

Well, first you need to find what are you applying for, because there are dozen form’s that in one way or another, are doing the same thing, give you the right to work in UK, Long Live the Queen. After you find the form you need to fill all the information and prepare all the documentation they ask you for. This is the funny part. They ask you for national insurance number (NINO), which you can have it only if you have a job or you worked and have some payslips, but to work you need the RIGHT TO WORK, ohh, to have the NINO, you need a bank account, well, to make a bank account first you need to have a proof of address, to get that, you need some electricity bills or water, or the mobile phone bills(ahh, you can’t have a contract on the phone if you don’t have a bank account) so, you need to make sure you do have a few thousands pounds before you come to London, to pay the rent and deposit (same amount as the rent) to buy some food (if you can’t leave only with water) and all this things are like a chain, but not a chain with a beginning and an end, a closed chain. Are you getting confused?? Shall I stop now? Sorry I have a few more. You also need bank statements, which you can get them after you have a bank account and transactions on your account, because if you have less than 5 or 10 transactions it’s not a valid one (it happened to me). When you apply for yellow card you also need a (CSI) Comprehensive Sickness Insurance and (EHIC) European Health Insurance Card but if you use this card, don’t forget to include to your application form a letter to state that you stay in United Kingdom only temporary, yes you read it well, TEMPORARY. Then why ……. In the world I would go all this crazy application process if I want to stay only TEMPORARY??? IDIOTS (sorry but I had to say it).Well, you don’t have to go through all this if you were me, but you aren’t (click to see why I said so). OK, let’s carry on. If you apply as a self-employed, you need to include:

–         Invoices including addresses and contact number of CLIENTS.

–         Contacts including addresses and contact number of CLIENTS.

–         References including addresses and contact number of CLIENTS.

Woowww, can you imagine what they are asking for? How would you feel if you will get a phone call asking you, “Hello, my name is XXX and I’m calling from Home Office and I would like to ask you about the Romanian guy who fixed your toilet one year ago.” Wowww.

Let’s carry on. (CSI) Comprehensive Sickness Insurance it was introduce in the BR(1) form, (this is the reason why I’m writing now) because the Romanians started to apply for the right to work as students, and they were studying for a few months and after they get the permit to work they abandoned school and started to work. When it comes about being a schmuck I think is on the top 10, if not on the first place. They were trying to “slap” the government’s face with their own rules and they always do finding all types of ways and methods, that’s why, the British government are trying to make it harder and harder, but because of that the black market is glowing all aver UK because they (or we, Romanians) are working cheap and good quality. But, let’s face it, the British are not saints either. When it comes about work, construction work especially, they know where to go to, but when it comes to rules and law, they all have a big mouth. I’m not saying I’m pro schmuck Romanian or against cheeky British. I can write a book about all this things but I will just go a bit more into the application form details for those who want’s to do the right way.

On the section 9 of the BR(1) form, if you read carefully it says:

Evidence to prove that you have sufficient resources not to become a burden on

the UK’s social assistance system during your time as a student such as:

Applicant’s recent bank statements. These can be originals or, if online statements, must either be stamped and signed by the bank or accompanied by a letter from the bank confirming the account details and that the information is correct; or

Evidence of sponsorship including a letter from a parent, relative or friend, if they are supporting or sponsoring you, along with their recent bank statements; or

A declaration, witnessed by a Commissioner for Oaths, to state that the applicant will not become a burden on the state; or

Official document confirming the receipt of a grant of scholarship.

There is an OR, which means that you can bring any of them OR all of them, which also means YOU DON’T HAVE TO bring them, but if you don’t want to be rejected, obviously, you bring as many as you can.

Yes, messed up British law and rules. I hope I didn’t create more confusion among those who will read this post. Ifyou need any help, and I can help you, feel free to leave a comment and I will replay ASAP.

P.S. Just to clarify everything, I AM PROUD OF BEING ROMANIAN,for who I am, for what I do and for who I have> 😀


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7 thoughts on “Being Romanian, blessing or curse!?

  1. I agree with u…same as others we deserve to be here…I need some answers and I can’t find them….as a work permit when I apply should be easy specially when a company applying for you…but is so hard and I don’t know from where to start

    Posted by Gabriela teodora | July 25, 2012, 1:56 pm
  2. do you know if your Declaration of Oath has to stamped of certified? thanks for your answer

    Posted by Ovidius | March 27, 2013, 5:56 pm
  3. Cum pot aplica si ce imi trebuie pt a aplica pt acest pink card? Mai are si alta denumire? Am inteles ca ajuta la dobandirea nin . Merci!

    Posted by Irina | December 18, 2013, 1:36 am


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