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Why did I said so?

This post is a response the the previous one, “Being Romanian, blessing or curse?” You should read that one first so it make sense.

When I came to London first time, around 2008 I didn’t had any of the documents I listed in my previous post. So, I started with obtaining a bank account. This is a funny story. Thanks God people are saying I’m a nice looking guy hahahah. You do need to be a little bit lucky. So what I did was:

After I found out all I need to open a bank account I said there’s no way I can get all that stuff sorted out, but there was this brainstorming when I was coming from Sainsburys after I did some shopping. They asked me if I have a points card, which obviously I didn’t have it because I just arrived in London a few days before. So on my way home I was thinking about the bank account and proof of address. There was the brainstorming, when I get back to Sainsburys I completed the form they had and thanks to them because they processed everything very quickly the following day or second day I’m not 100% sure, I had a envelope with my name on it and with the address. But it wasn’t a bill, it was just a junk mail, but that was all I had so I said, I’ll give a try. I went to the bank and after I waited about half an hour, there was this nice Indian lady who came to me and she asked me to follow her at her desk. She was really cute and we started to chat a little bit and to joke and after we get to the reason why I was there. I can hear myself saying, “I know this isn’t a bill but I have MY name and MY address where I live on it, if you don’t believe me I can show you it’s just down the road” of course this remark ended with a laugh from both parts. I do need to say that she mentioned that I’m a nice guy and funny and I really made her laugh. That’s how I end-up having a bank account.

Now my advice is, TRY, with whatever you have. You might fail or success one of this two for sure. All the best.


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