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Illuminati, The silence before the storm!

The silence before the storm that’s how I call this times. Illuminati, Freemason, Royal Family, Rain Man, Black and white, New world order, etc, whatever you want to  call it it, is the same thing you are talking about. THEY, are all over around us, do we see them? do we know them? YES we do, but we are afraid to admit it. But what are we doing? leave them to lead us to DISASTER.  Our “Idols” who sold their soul to the devil are trying to escape but what happened to them? They are being “sacrificed”. We believe what media around us shows us, but we don’t see they control what we see. What do you know that happened to Michael Jackson? Ohh he died, What about Sky Saxon, an american singer not so known as Michael, what about Farrah Fawcett???!! or should I say Charlie’s Angels you might know her from this movie, she was an actress. But the question is, WHAT HAPPNED TO THEM? Well let me tell you, they were killed, yes you heard me, THEY WERE KILLED. Does anyone remember what Michael’s sister Toya Jackson said in her interview after his death? I guess no, well check this video http://youtu.be/yOivk91GpaY and at minute 0.57 she makes a declaration “Ohhh! Geez I wonder who’s next, because it always happends in three!” and don’t forget that THEY also tried to kill him in 2005 in MJ to close friend: “Don’t leave me, they’re trying to kill me.”  He knew they are coming after them. Ohhhh someone else came to my mind, Eminem, very well known rapper Eminem, who didn’t recover himself after his friend Proof who was killed in 2006, 2 years  after Eminem’s videoclip(2004 Like toys soldiers) that shows how Proof is killed. Eminem he feels that he “sign” his firend Proof sentence to death. He is trying to recover and his last album is called Recovery. Things what most of the world doesn’t know, but he sold his sould to the devil. In almost all his songs he mention about THEM. Who are THEY? Illuminati, Rain man, btw, you know how Eminem called himself??? Rain man. Rihana,Tupac, DMX ahh btw, what happened with DMX? You don’t know, I’ll tell you very briefly, he started to fight against THEM, and he was worship God. Well what does that has to do with GOD? Well apparentely everything has to do with GOD and DEVIL even we admit it or not. Jay-Z, Britney Spears?? Ohh I’m talking rubbish??? K let me bring them all together, this might be a bit hard to watch but are their testimony it’s 11 minutes (http://youtu.be/xabAcgvW0Zg) , I’ve been watching hours of examples and they all make sense. After fell free to leave a comment and let me know what you think.


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4 thoughts on “Illuminati, The silence before the storm!

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