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I’ve been thinking a lot about the world we are leaving in. Every day I’m getting worried and more worried. I realise things that before I didn’t see. Everybody is talking about Love, Truth, Honesty but everything is lies. I realise that people don’t trust the ones that are living with or with the ones that they swered love to each other but there are secrets. They just simply don’t open their soul and heart to those ones they married, they choose to spend their life with…..secrets that have no point to be there, secrets that are transforming in lies. When lies get into a relationship, that relationship or marriage doesn’t have any reason to continue. In this world there is no point for a lie, there is no point for not telling the truth to the one that you should believe with all your heart. How come WE are talking about the truth when probably in 99,99% of cases there are lies. For what? I’m looking around me and all I see is people running from place to place and trying to achieve something they will never be able to master or understand, POWER and MONEY. Why I’m saying so? Because so many of them have both, some they have nothing, but there is no middle.

Trying to understand myself why sometimes I think so profound, so deep, why I just can simply be like any other, getting along with this world, living the life that everybody does. Being selfish and trying to achieve something that just me, I have use of. Just me needs it and after I satisfied my wish fighting for something else or someone else. Why do I have to worry when no one cares?  Why do I have to be nice when no one else is? Why not having a second personality and showing the truly me to no one? There are so many questions that are crossing my mind but most of them I have no answer for them.

I know, I know, everyone does have some of these questions but no one does anything. No one tries to change the people around them…..


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