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How to find the pure love in a world full of conspiracies.

I’ve been fighting a lot against my own thoughts that every day are increasing and getting stronger and stronger that the days are we leaving in are the worst ever possible. I started my title with “Love” but not because is the love that drove people crazy, no. It’s exactly the other way around, “DOMINATION” is what give us “power” and along with the “power” are coming “money”, were “power” without “money” or “money” without “power” are not working one without the other. We live the times where everyone wants to have control upon you and tell you what to do. We are blinded by our ignorance and we refuse to see all the signs are surrounding us via media, events, meetings between the most powerful people. But one thing they don’t realize, they are powerful because of us, “US” as in you and me who are going every day at work and getting back home late at night fighting to survive, “US” as in those people who dream to become someday. Look around you, movies (all about destroying the world), video clips(getting more evil than ever) their lyrics with hidden messages, backwards meaning. Viruses created in laboratories and after tested on public without any fear. The increasing number of bunkers build all over the world, specially in America, where they didn’t stop building in the last ten years. Under our eyes we are going to destroy ourselves without realizing until is too late……but no! STOP! This is not what I want to talk about. I want to talk about finding the pure love in a world full of conspiracies. Answers in our minds (Impossible, Now way, Never, Not anymore…….) You are right. I think there is no  person in the world that would simply love you just as you were born, with nothing. This is my disappointment, it was a time when it was possible but not anymore. You are ready to sacrifice yourself for their happiness but it’s not enough. But wait, “Who would sacrifice himself for the best of the person next to him/her?” No one, we don’t live this times anymore. Everyone for their own interest. SELFISHNESS it’s what describe us. The community we live in adopt and feed us with sick way of thinking. Marriages are no more important, it is FINE to leave like animals, FREE (lot’s of us consider that as being free of any responsibilities. There is no more relationship of love, it’s entertainment. Women are not what they were before in front of the males. They became a trade, pay for them in exchange of pleasure, keep them as long as we need them and after having someone else. WHAT A SICK WORLD! In the God’s name, wake up people. Wait, why am I getting angry? Probably most of them would say “Yes he is right, we are being used” and after they close their eyes and start to dream about a true love where their partner is the most richest man and HE offer them the PURE love, their kids are the smartest and most beautiful ones, everything is blue and white, but by the time they open their eyes are stuck in the mud until their knees. Next thing they are doing, looking for the prince on a white horse that can offer them everything they had in their dream. Some of them they might go that far to offer them everything they dreamed, to them and another 5 girls. But they think they are happy so they don’t leave the man they stick to him because he has power and money, but deep in their heart this is not what they wanted, is not what they dreamed but they are lying themselves just to leave a luxury life.

In one song the lyrics were saying:

“Some of them want to use you
Some of them want to get used by you
Some of them want to abuse you
Some of them want to be abused”

They like to be abused as long you are in control, but don’t forget to be in control you need “power”. Don’t forget what I said above about this circle.

Still want the answer to my question??!! No, I thought so,



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