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Romanians at Olympics London 2012: Payback

  I’ve been following a bit on tv the Olympics from London. I’m in Japan in holiday for two weeks and since the Olympics started I’ve been here.I was very surprised to see some of the Romanian performances for example Alin Moldoveanu who get the gold medal and other two girls who got the silver medal at judo. The one I saw on the Japanese television was Corina Caprioriu vs Matsumoto Kaori. And I decided to find out a bit more about them and to my surprise what it came out was the rude comments from two jokers from Romania who think they are “Cultivati” (educated) but unfortunately they have a wrong opinion. They aren’t, and just because they are working in the Romanian television that doesn’t mean they are very wise, they were employed as JOKER’s and they will always be JOKER’s and nothing else. All they could do was to comment and bully our Romanian medalist with their stupid and ignorant comments. No one wanted to hear their opinion live on TV and no one wanted them to share their judo “experience”. They should be punished and also fired from the national television for their ignorance and action against those who were working to improve our country’s image.

In Japan instead, I was very surprised to see that those who won had interviews and the channel that aired live from London also interviewed the medalist families. They encouraged them and also asked them to do some commercials for them. They were all together gathered and followed on TV their participants at the Olympics. Japanese people did the best of it when the Romanian people allowed this comedians ti make fun, criticize and bully our participants at the Olympics.

I’m not ashamed that I’m Romanian, but I’m ashamed of their actions.
Shame on the government, president and those who allow this kind of actions that are against our nation.

With this occasion I would like to congratulate our medalist and wish all the best to those who participated and will participate for further competitions. Make us prod cos we are proud of you. ALL THE BEST!!!


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