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Michelle Martin and Marc Dutrox a psychopat familly?

Would you be capable of imagining the fact that once you were in your 20th, you were dreaming of having a happy family, nice wife, two or three kids, healthy and beautiful, probably one of them a nice girl that she is playing with her puppets, taking her mother high heeled shoes pretending she is a grown lady who is going in the city to do shopping, looking in the mirror before she’s about to get out of the house and miming she is making her lips with lipstick?

Would you be capable of imagining your little daughter at age of 4 or 5, sitting in her little chair, leg crossed and pretending she is sipping her coffee from a little toy cup and making conversation with her toys around?

What about when she is 8 or 14 or even 18 years old? Where you thinking how you would look and what will you feel the day when she will finish high school, go to university and first time hearing that she has a boyfriend? The day she becomes an “adult” at the age of 18th? Did you ever thought about these things?

I think yes, you are capable and probably most of you did it, probably not such in details but I think most of us did. I did it too, and it filled me with happiness and it made me look forward to a more beautiful future.

But I bet, once again, I bet, no one would be capable of imagining their daughter one day coming across to a person like Marc Dutroux. Probably the name doesn’t tell you much but he  is a Belgian serial killer and child molester, convicted of having kidnapped, tortured and sexually abused six girls during 1995 to 1996, ranging in age from 8 to 19, four of whom he murdered. I don’t want to talk about him, but about his accomplice. He didn’t do all this things on his own but with help from his wife. Yes, his wife is who I want to talk about. Michelle Martin, I think lots of you seen her in newspapers recently because she won parole on Tuesday midway through her 30-year jail sentence — on condition she moved into a convent.

In easier words, she is leaving her life and not in a prison but in a convent where “in one way” she is being “watched” and she also have a condition “she keeps her distance from relatives of victims”.  Can you believe that?

Can anyone of you imagine that what you dreamed about when you were 20 years old it’s been destroyed by this, called “human being” and she wants to repay her debt to society. WHAT???? IS THE SOCIETY WHO SUFFERED WHEN THESE GIRLS WERE KILLED???  Ahhh God, I’m so angry when I see so much stupidity in one place. Seriously, this people should pay for what they did. Sentenced for life it’s not enough.  This is the society we are living in? This is how they repay those families who worked hard to go over what happened in their lives. They “release” this creature? It is unbelievable, it’s outrageous. We should protect ourselves from these people who find pleasure in someone else’s pain.

How could you see the poor girls starving to death? Begging for a corner of bread?

I feel very sorry for the families that suffered and I guess are still suffering for what happened.  Be blessed and God be with you.


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