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4th November 2012

I feel that I have so many things to write about this day and honestly I woke up less than an hour ago. It’s 56 minutes more exactly. But the way I started this day, is not like any other day before.
The alarms sounds an extremely loud and annoying sound that would wake up any deep sleeper. I finally manage to move from my warm and cozy place and I turn of the alarm. But what got my attention is this list of messages I receive over the night. Just before I start to read I hear the sound of the rain in my window pouring down like someone would keep a hose and all the water would fall on my window.
Now I’m reading and while I’m going deeper in reading the sleep fades away and I suddenly felt like it was the middle of the day. I finished reading. All I could hear was this three words that were ringing in my mind louder than the alarm that woke me up. “Let Me Go”. While still in bed I suddenly felt cold, the rain started to sound louder and louder like someone would turn the volume up and a subtle sadness took over.
I was spacing out. Is it real or I’m just dreaming? I lost the motion of time and I think I was flying in the vast space for a while because all I remember is my phone rigging. I answered the phone more like in an unconscious state of mind. The other side of the phone was this sleepy voice saying something. I remember two word “Morning …. “and “……Octavian”. I just return from the quiet spacious space where I was and I said “Morning, Hi!” the other end of the line was this woman that I talked to previous day. She had a very strong accent but a very calm voice. She called me to let me know that I’m booked for Millennium Hotel @0900.
I don’t remember how I get changed and get to the station but next time I realise I’m in the train writing and being chased. I realise that now i will start a new life, but not the one I want, but the one where I’m being chased. Being chased of this three words, “Let Me Go”.


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