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Going through a breakup?

It’s been a while since I haven’t visited  my blog but now I came with a new subject.People are going through a breakup they usually have and auto-destructive period where they, we and I are saying, everything is going down, I’ll do that and that and all sort of things that we think is a way of revenging against our “ex-side” (can be a male or female). And we start to do some very childish things ever. For example my girlfriend asked me not to eat crisps and drink coke because is bad for my health. Well first thing i done after we broke up? Ohhh yes, i bought 12 pack of crisps with salt and vinegar and 2 bottles of Sprite and I ate like never ever before. After I started to think with how many girls I can be and where I can go to have fun and “enjoy” life.

Well, this is my plan besides the one eating crisps and drinking Sprite. I will go over the summer in Japan and I have a few ideas of jobs. Luckily last week I’ve been out with some friends, one of them Japanese and the other Indian but also into Japanese culture, and we went to see a movie about sushi. Jiro Dreams of Sushi is called the movie, very inspirational and self motivating, recommended, but I’m not gonna go into to much details.

So my friends told me that I can go in Japan and work in a boys bar. Wooowww, when I heard I was like, “What??? I’m not gay!” but It’s nothing about being gay, it’s about working in this restaurant where the girls are coming and have drinks and the “waiters” are boys who also entertain them. I was like, ohhh wow, that sounds like a great idea. I’m sure I can do that. But the problem would be my Japanese language skills. Ehh, apparently they are happy if they are around a foreign good looking guy even if they can’t really talk much. wait a second, it’s not that I’m pretending that I’m good looking or something but it’s what the girls are saying. So this rich girls are spending lots of money because they feel lonely, or their husband is busy with work (or a different women, more likely) so yeah, chatting, make them laugh and getting their money. Anyway, this was job opportunity nb.1.

Job nb.2. To be a “fake priest” is called in Japan. Yes, it’s right, a fake priest. So what that job is? Well, you are a priest in a church (everything like in a normal church) but what is the strange part is that it’s just a fantasy. And is really well paid. So for a summer in Japan, WHY NOT? Sounds funny and crazy but hey, it’s one life, why not doing something crazy?

Anyone better ideas or opportunities to work in Japan? I’m glad to find out from you. Until next time, look after yourself and don’t forget to be crazy.

Tonight Paris, tomorrow Amsterdam, and after back to London.

P.S. As the message from my ex-girlfriend says:

Hi I’m good .
It’s really freedom!
I feel like starting new life.
Take care!


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