The Map and The Territory

Well, it was second week of uni when I was given, actually we were given this project. I found it quite confusing at the beginning cos I couldn’t find any idea about what my project will be. But it didn’t took me to long to come with a brilliant idea, I’m a coffee drinker (does this tell you something? no clue??, let me help you) so while I was drinking my coffee and thinking about my project this magnificent idea. Take a sit first and get ready. I will create a 3D coffee cup and after I will find on a map all the coffee shops around and while you are moving the mouse over a 3D coffee cup will raise from the map and on it will be the name of the coffee shop. It will be difficult but not impossible so, keep an eye (or two) on my blog and you’ll find how did it go :D.

=here I am with updates=

My project took a different way. Actually one that i really like. While I was thinking about my idea I made the connection with Logorama that I saw on the beginning of the University. So I created the coffee cups and I took a map from google maps and I use it in my project. I searched on internet all the coffee shops around the University of Greenwich, I marked them on the map and I place a coffee cup that corresponds with the coffee shop and I also write the name of the shop. While you are watching the movie, you can see the cups spinning and the name rotating around the cup and the camera takes you around and between the coffee cups.

In my power point presentation I did a little bit of research about advantages and disadvantages of drinking coffee and I realize that if you Don’t drink too much coffee it is good. You want to find out??? No problem, take a loog at my project and you will find out. I think that’s all I could say about it. See you later 😉




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