Time Travel 1901

Well, this is our new project “Time Travel 1901″ (in summer time ha ha) to Art & Design in context. When I thought that I’ll have more time to spend on the other projects….. here we are, like I hear someone saying: – Octavius, stop winging and get started, do something.

– O.K. mate, sorry, I’ll start right now!

-Well done you. Keep it up!!”, ha ha I’m just a bit tired, I had only one coffee today so …yeah. I will start doing some research on that time about clothing fashion. I quite like old style (probably because I’m kind of old school?), I’m fascinated by the period when the ladies were wearing long and big dresses, when going to ball was a way to show yourself to the public, fancy styles. Wowww, I should stop here, I can’t really reveal the real me :))) :P.

K see yousoon with some updates. 😀

So here we are ….the triple T is finished, WHAT IS TRIPLE T??? The Life of a Legend  this is the project I had to do. Btw, the .pdf version will come soon 😀

~see you later…..alligator~



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