Wish You Were Here

Here we are. This is my project and the  last for this term at Art and Design. I have all the research and a few scketches which I used them on my time travel project that I make them after Chanel design’s.  Finally, after this two projects I can go to Tokyo and enjoy my holiday. It is very late and I barely can hold my eyes open. I will come back very soon with news about this project. It’s bed time.

Hello guyzzz, I did some MORE reearch about my wish you were here project and designer (Coco). I also managed to write some letter but this can go on and on and on. I will post my first five letters to star wit. Anyway, mistakes and all that don’t worry, everything will be re-writed on a letter paper so ….. chill down. so here we are my first one :D.

Research: after I Google for hours to find some sketches of Chanel and I couldn’t find any, I started to sketch after some of the designs I found on internet I choose two of them

and from this one I choose the green model cos I liked it the most . From there I have these sketches.

After I finish with the  research and first project Time Travel, I decided to use same artist for my second project Wish you were here. I already knew so many things about Coco Chanel, I’ve seen the movie and I was very impressed by her will and courage she had. With a bit of luck and working hard she bring the postmodernism in the first part of the century.


This is my corespondence with my designer I choose.






One thought on “Wish You Were Here

  1. fantastic, apparantely today there 11 people who visited my wish you were here page. GUYS, it’s not ready yet. Unfortunately I didn’t put them all toghether. I have some ideas ans sketches so ….it should look good. I won’t write any of my ideas cos I don’t know which one I will choose so …..you need to wait just a tiny bit more. As I mentioned before, I have the scketches, the designer (Coco Chanel) and, (just and), AND I might bring someone else in. There are so many optiones but there is no TIME. OMG, what I would give to have at least a bit more time ……but it’s something we don’t decide and have the power to control. As we had the Time Travel project, as you noticed, Most of our designers from the first decade we had they are dead, and some of them they were very rich but STILL, couldn’t buy TIMEEEEEE. Soooo I won’t use it with too much nonsense and I’ll start to work on my THINGS. See you tomo at lecture guys. 😀

    Posted by octavian25 | December 12, 2011, 1:51 am

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