OMG, I’m awake at this time at the night working on my micro-site for cms. It is a headache. I’m writing and deleting and after re-writing again. I think I’m tired, I should go to sleep. But what I like about this project is that I’m learning Html and I will make my own website. I will post it here when it will be ready. Until then, take care ……

Well well well, long time no see. It happened quite a few things since. The truth is that I’ve been selected the class rep. Monday I will have first meeting, so …. I’m quite looking forward to it, cos I have so many to say ….. haha.

Tonight I finished my micro-site project, you can visit it here http://stuweb.cms.gre.ac.uk/~co105/microsite/index.html .

I feel much more relieved now.  BUT i have another “projects” if i can call them like that. I won’t really go too much in details. I will keep it professional. So….yeah. I’ll try to come with updates before I’ll go to Japan. hahaha



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