Brick Lane

Here is the place where I can say the art meets the hood. Everywhere you go around the Brick Lane area you can see all these spray drawings on the buildings, walls, shops, everywhere. Every part of London have something specific to people are living in the area so Brick Lane have it’s on way of being. I was quite surprised when I came across to a gallery called The Brick Lane gallery..… where of course I couldn’t miss it without visiting it. It was a very small gallery and they had a few works and a few of them were very expensive (in my opinion) for what kind of art it was. I took a picture with these expensive drawings. Probably it’s not my style of art or I don’t see the art with the same eyes as others do. These were the expensive drawings, and when I’m talking about expensive I don’t mean 100 or 500 £, I’m talking about 50 000 £, yes fifty thousand pounds …. I. speechless now so I’ll show you some of the drawings specific to Brick Lane area.… I belive do you? :)). If I will ever be around the area again (it’s first time in 3 years) and see some interesting drawings I will post them on my blog.

Until then …our voir!



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