Whitechapel gallery.

When we get to the gallery ground floor we saw something interesting. It was mirrors reflection. I really liked it, you could saw all those reflections on the wall. While we were going through the gallery, we were expecting something more interesting but unfortunately we started to get disappointed. A few galleries were closed due to some filming. While we were exploring the floors of the gallery something get my attention, it was called, “government art collection gallery 7”. In here I found a few interesting “THINGS” (which was one of the work in the gallery) a glass tube yellow laminated which was writing on the wall THINGS. between these things I found something nice. First one, was a long sketch which was representing a war between different classes and people, eg. Provincials, satanists, romantics, democrats, old people, students, good people, nazis, etc. The next one was the portrait of lady Ann Rich who died in 1641, queen Elizabeth I, 1533-1603, the young waltonian which was representing a fisherman who was sitting next to the river and holding a fish.



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